• Accounting Services
    We're CPA qualified.
  • Institutional Audit
    We examine the books of account and financial operations of an organization as a whole.
  • Forensic Audit
    We conduct the audit to find out if fraud or theft has taken place.

Mella-aling & Associates has developed various audit programs for specific sections of financial statements. The MAPs [Master Audit Programms (MAPs)] are modified depending on results of our business review. These MAPs are used in guiding detailed audit tests.

We believe strongly in helping our clients to improve their businesses. And therefore all the MAPs have methods of how we can capture matters that are constructive to the clients. We consider that merely giving an opinion on the financial statements does not give a client value for money.

After each audit we normally come up with client Constructive Service Letter which details areas that need improvement.

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We are Mellaaling & Associates

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The services we offer include:
1. Institutional audit
2. Grant audit
3. Forensic (investigative) audit
4. Internal audit

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We recognize that our continued relationship with our clients depends on our ability to provide value for money. We will therefore strive to keep our promises.

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We serve International & Local Non Profit Organizations and Funding Agencies. We also serve the Hospitality Industry, Schools & Colleges, Businesses & Individuals.

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