Our consultancy has mainly been in two areas:

  • Evaluation of Financial Systems and Controls
  • Designing Financial and Reporting Procedures for Organisations


Summary of Consultancy work we have done are:

(i) Since 1993, we have been involved in Financial System Evaluation and designing financial procedures for over ten organizations in Africa on behalf of Corat Africa. (Details see D. N. Aling CV).
(ii) We have designed financial regulation manuals for several organizations such. Examples are:

  • Homeless Children International – Kenya – December 1996
  • International Young Christian Students – December 1996
  • Civic Resource & Information Centre – February 1997
  • We were part of the team that worked on the restructure of Enterprise Development Agency from a U.N.I.D.O Project to an NGO – March 1997
  • Family Planning Private Sector (FPPS) – September 1998
  • Society for Women & Aids in Kenya (SWAK) -December 2002
  • Dada Na Mama Africa – August 2005
  • Finnlemm Credit & Savings Cooperative Ltd -December 2008
  • Since 2007 we have been helping Aphia II a Usaid Project implementing Partners to develop Financial Regulation Manuals – 2007-2008
  • Naku Credit & Savings Cooperative Ltd – May 2011